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About Tim Holehouse

Global touring musician, Tim Holehouse brings experimental acoustic sounds. For the past 16 years, Tim has been one of the most hard working in the industry, travelling the globe, touring throughout the UK, US, Canada Europe, and beyond. His touring adventures have brought influences to his sound today.

Breaking the 250-300 gig mark most years, Tim leads somewhat of a nomadic existence, but for all intents and purposes, treats London as his home when not out playing his trade to international and domestic audiences.

Tim is equally prolific with his recording as he is with his travels, when not gigging his way round the world, he has found the time to release 20 albums and countless split releases, often with artists he tours with.

Tim's own sound is hugely varied, he’s often able to adapt to performing sets depending on the atmosphere of a show. He has been known to release folk, blues, experimental music and covers many other genres.

Tim's songs come from a place of honesty and a keen ear for anything creative regardless of genre. His own philosophy is that, 'if music is good, it's just good, right?'

To get a feel for Tim's wide and varied talent, be sure to check out his eclectic sounds and as Tim often quotes from one of his favourite films, 'Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure':

'Be excellent to each other.” 


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